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Pangea Natural Foods Inc. Announces Decision to Focus on Core Brand; Will Not Acquire Glory Juice Co.

Vancouver, BC, May, 23 2024 – Pangea Natural Foods Inc. (CSE: PNF) announced its decision to forego the acquisition of Glory Juice Co., to focus on the expansion and enhancement of its core brand and product lines. As a result, Glory Juice Co. will continue to operate as a privately-owned company.

Strategic Focus on Pangea’s Core Brand

Pangea Natural Foods is dedicated to delivering high-quality, nutritious, and sustainable food products. In light of this, the company has decided to concentrate its resources and efforts on expanding its existing brand portfolio, enhancing product offerings, and strengthening its market presence. This strategic decision is aimed at fostering innovation and ensuring that Pangea continues to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

"We believe that our greatest strength lies in our core brand and the values it represents," said Pratap Sandhu, CEO of Pangea Natural Foods Inc. "By focusing on our own brand, we are better positioned to deliver on our promise of providing high-quality, natural foods that promote health and sustainability."

Glory Juice Co. Continues Independently

Glory Juice Co., a Vancouver based juicery that has been in operation for over ten years, will remain a privately-owned company. Pangea Natural Foods acknowledges the contributions of Glory Juice Co. to the natural food and beverage sector and wishes them continued success as an independent entity.

"We have great respect for Glory Juice Co. and their commitment to quality and sustainability," Pratap Sandhu added. "While our paths will not converge through acquisition, we believe that both companies will continue to thrive and make positive impacts within the industry."

About Pangea Natural Foods, Inc.

Pangea Natural Foods Inc. is a food manufacturing company focused on manufacturing, co-packing and distributing high-quality plant-based food products across North America.With a focus on innovation and quality, Pangea aims to set new standards in the natural foods industry.

About Glory Juice Co.

Glory Juice Co. is a privately-owned company specializing in developing and commercializing organic health food products. Glory Juice meticulously crafts its juices to incorporate 2-3 lbs of fresh produce per bottle without any added sugars, GMOs or preservatives. Prioritizing quality and sustainability, the company exclusively sources organic ingredients from local farms, fostering community support and minimizing environmental impact.

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